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New Products

Daisy Goblet


Price: $10.00

In the Daisy configuration, goblets hold 12 visotubes of different colors and can hold a maximum of 168 straws of 0.25 ml or 0.5 mL.

Price: $50.00

iSperm Sampling Chips, qty 50 (50 tops and 50 bottoms) 1 set is needed for each analysis. Not reusable  Chips only, does not include light ... more info

Price: $2,200.00

  iSpermR  Semen Evaluation Accurate   In side by side comparisons with CASA system, Nucleocounter and Hemacytomer ... more info
BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender

The formulation of BotuCrio contains a lower concentration of Glycerol and, in combination with one of several amides, results in better sperm ... more info
Botu Test Kit


Price: $46.00

Kit includes  100ml of each of Botu Extenders for fresh or cooled semen.  Botu Standard, Botu Special, Botu Gold, Botu Turbo

Price: $12.00

100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Pentoxifylline which inhibits phosphodiesterase by increasing APMc responsible for the control ... more info

Price: $14.00

100ml Extender based on caseins with addition of cholesterol. Milk casein phosphoproteins protects sperm cells from the action of seminal plasma ... more info

Price: $13.00

100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a componet of the spermatic membrane that contributes for and ... more info

Price: $11.00

100ml packet with 100ml Sterile Water Extender based on skimmed milk to transport cooled semen or preservation at 5 degrees C or 15 degrees C, as ... more info
Combo XL Centrifuge


Price: $2,149.00

Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce ... more info
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