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New Products

MiniVID USB 3.0, 6.3MP Camera

The MiniVID USB is our best-selling camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube ... more info
MiniVID USB 2.0, 5.1MP Camera

It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any ... more info
Revelation III Microscope

The Revelation III is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. The Revelation lll comes ... more info
Ready Warm Work Station


Price: $570.00

Create a warm working station for all your repro needs! Also, great as a fluid bag warmer. The Ready Warm maintains up to 4 IV bags at ... more info
  The Embryo-GLO Zoom Stereoscope is the perfect choice for embryo transfer professionals. The Embryo-GLO Zoom Stereoscope magnifies ... more info
BAT LN2 Level Alarm


Price: $495.00

Battery operated LN2 low level lalarm. Small alaram can be attached to the tank. Wire probe is easily installed. Optional probe holder available ... more info

Price: $2.65

  IMV Brand ET Sheath, 006384 (.25cc) or 017532 (.5cc) With Sanitary Sheath Side Delivery

Price: $95.00

IMV brand ET Syringe, 007246 (.25cc) and 024857 (.5cc)
Petri Dish, Round, No Grid

Durable construction for stable dish manipulation  Crystal-grade, virgin polystyrene for optical clarity Petri Dish, 100x15mm with lid. Sterile, ... more info
Cito Thaw, with AC and DC cord

Properly thaw semen to a constant temperature of 95°-98° F. Made of tough ABS noncorrosive plastic, these units will take a lot of abuse, but ... more info
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