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Tubing Connector


Price: $3.95

Tubing Connector. each

Price: $15.50

Pull sanitary chemise over AI or ET rod. Upon contact with cervix, pull chemise back forcing rod tip through chemise wall. Chemise must not enter ... more info
EmCon Filter


Price: $12.75

120ml capacity 75 micron stainless steel screen Includes drain tube with pinch clamp
Botu SpermFilter


Price: $73.00

Description SpermFilter  is a synthetic membrane filter with porosity that allows the passage of seminal plasma and bacteria, retaining only ... more info
Botu Vital Stain


Price: $21.00

Description BotuVital  is a diluent for sperm evaluation based on Eosin and Nigrosin, which allows the analysis of the sperm pathologies as ... more info

Price: $61.00

Description RedCushion  is a cushion fluid of high density used for semen centrifugation. It reduces damage from centrifugation through sperm ... more info
Equine Antibiotic Extender Supplement

Sterile vial containing in powder form: Amikacin Sulfate (.2g) Penicillin G Potassium (200,000 active units)   Please choose 2 day shipping for ... more info
EZ Way Filter with Tubing

The EZ Way Filter is packaged with a Y-Junction Long. Each leg of the tubing set is 54 inches. A spike is on one end with the filter connection on ... more info
Serological Pipette, 25ml

Sterile, Individually Wrapped 50/bag
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