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New Products

EmCon Filter


Price: $12.75

120ml capacity 75 micron stainless steel screen Includes drain tube with pinch clamp
Botu SpermFilter


Price: $73.00

Description SpermFilter  is a synthetic membrane filter with porosity that allows the passage of seminal plasma and bacteria, retaining only ... more info
Botu Vital Stain


Price: $21.00

Description BotuVital  is a diluent for sperm evaluation based on Eosin and Nigrosin, which allows the analysis of the sperm pathologies as ... more info

Price: $61.00

Description RedCushion  is a cushion fluid of high density used for semen centrifugation. It reduces damage from centrifugation through sperm ... more info
Equine Antibiotic Extender Supplement

Sterile vial containing in powder form: Amikacin Sulfate (.2g) Penicillin G Potassium (200,000 active units)   Please choose 2 day shipping for ... more info
EZ Way Filter with Tubing

The EZ Way Filter is packaged with a Y-Junction Long. Each leg of the tubing set is 54 inches. A spike is on one end with the filter connection on ... more info
Serological Pipette, 25ml

Sterile, Individually Wrapped 50/bag
Formulation: 0.4% ICPbio bovine albumin, MOPS buffer (inert zwitterions). Store refrigerated 2-5C 2 day transit. 20ml Bags *Cold item – ... more info
The Worthington Industries High Capacity (HC) Series of cryogenic refrigerators is designed for long-term storage of biological material at liquid ... more info

Price: $1,579.00

The Worthington Industries Cryo Exchange (CX) Series of vapor shippers is designed to safely transport biological samples and other materials at ... more info
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