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ABT Equine Vitrification Kit

This Vitrification Kit is based on technology developed by the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory at Colorado State University, Ft. ... more info
ABT PVA Concentrate


Price: $12.00

ABT PVA CONCENTRATE is a 10% concentrated solution used as a surfactant when added to Lactated Ringers or Hartmann Saline Solution. PVA’s ... more info
ABT Rinsing Solution


Price: $15.00

ABT RINSING SOLUTION is used for rinsing embryo collection  ... more info

Price: $16.50

ABT  COMPLETE  FLUSH  is  designed  for  the  collection  of  ... more info

Price: $12.50

ABT  HOLDING  medium  was  developed  to  provide  embryos  a  sustainable  and  healthy  ... more info

Price: $349.00

No flame, hands-free, rapid slide preparation The LW Scientific CytoPrep is a combination device that safely heat-fixes cytologies and quickly dries ... more info
Long Foley Y-Junction w/spike

  Long Foley Y-Junction w/spike Sterile
5ml Tube


Price: $9.50

5ML self tanding, conical bottom, screw top tube bag of 25
2ml Micro Centrifuge tube, 25/pkg

Flip top 2ml Micro Centrifuge tube. Conical bottom 25/bag
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