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New Products

Broodmare Supplement


Price: $54.00

Liquid vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fatty acid supplement for broodmares and recipient mares 50ml once a day or 25ml twice a day 1.5L
Botu Speed Supplement


Price: $83.00



Price: $6.00

Protective Shipping Carton - Doble 34

Protective cover for Dole 34
Boto Pharma AV


Price: $334.50

• 17" High resistance rigid tube with polyurethane paint, with water inlet that also allows the air to be inflated, reducing the final ... more info

Price: $7.75

For Veterinary & Laboratory use only.  The Air-Tite Vet Premium Hypodermic Needles are manufactured for those who demand only the absolute ... more info
Stallion Condom


Price: $11.95

Made of durable latex material. Wall thickness .0125, 12-3/4 long, 5-3/4 wide at base, and 3-3/8 wide at top opening.
Tubing Connector


Price: $3.95

Tubing Connector. each

Price: $15.50

Pull sanitary chemise over AI or ET rod. Upon contact with cervix, pull chemise back forcing rod tip through chemise wall. Chemise must not enter ... more info
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