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Sterile Water, 100ml


Price: $3.00

100ml Sterile Water


Price: $131.00

Nidacon BoviPure™ BoviPure™ is the better way to separate and purify bovine spermatozoa. In combination with BoviDilute, BoviPure ... more info
Broodmare PLUS


Price: $139.00

High concentrations Carnitine Arginine Omega 3 For the improvement of oocyte metabolic function and embryonic development For mares in reproductive ... more info
Protective Shipping Carton for 2/1V

Protective Shipping Carton for 2/1V
Stable Light Controller


Price: $350.00

Control Panel required for the operation of the Stable Light system One Control Panel will control up to 30 Stable Lights (Subject to barn layout and ... more info
Stable Light


Price: $700.00

The Equilume Stable Light provides the horse with biologically effective light in a system that replicates the benefits of nature’s ... more info
Minitube Culture Swab


Price: $3.93

Minitube Equine Uterus culture swab *With introduction pipette and pre-perforated cap for sampling without risk of contamination. Sterilized. ... more info
0.5-10ul Micropipettor tips

Pipette Tips 0.5-10ul *Universal fit. *96 units per rack.
05-10ul Micropipettor


Price: $75.00

Adjustable Micropipette 0.5-10ul. The pipette has a visual display that allows you to easily adjust and accurately set te volume. *Volume range: ... more info
BL7 Cryo Shipper


Price: $215.00

The BL-7 is a bit larger than the standard CryoCube™ which increases the cryogenic hold time to 7 days and triples the capacity to 115 .5cc ... more info
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