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New Products

EquOcyte Isothermalyzer cup

Insulated and lead lined Iso cup for the Hamilton EquOcyte shipper.  only 1 in stock. 


Price: $56.43

Equimune, mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF) immunostimulant, is approved by the USDA for the treatment of Equine Respiratory Disease ... more info
iSperm Replacement Lens


Price: $153.90

Replacement Lens for iSperm. Item 1 in the picture ONLY

Price: $409.37

The VMRD Foal IgG test simplifies horse-side measurement of IgG in neonatal foals, offering  objective results  and  room temperature ... more info
Settle 1.5ml


Price: $56.43

Settle ®  is manufactured by NovaVive Inc. using Mycobacterium Cell Wall Fraction (MCWF) technology. It is USDA-approved as an aid in the ... more info
Taylor Wharton TW Dual Series  DUAL-CONFIGURATION For storage & shipping. Quick charge with leak-back absorbent protection. Avoid ... more info

Price: $1,290.00

Taylor Wharton TW Series LN2 Semen Tanks  for AI Operations The new TW Series is specifically designed for the every day requirements of the ... more info

Price: $220.00

Problem mare? bActivate activates the dormant infection so it can be effectively treated.   Product description​ bActivate is a growth ... more info
DESCRIPTION Early identification of infection can be challenging, as the clinical signs are often subtle. VMRD SAA is an indispensable tool to aid ... more info
Sterile Water, 100ml


Price: $3.59

100ml Sterile Water
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