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Liquid Nitrogen Measurign Stick, 24" (Small)  or 47" (Large, due to its lenght this item will ship separately) 
Mega Power Creatine Botumix Supplement

Mega Power Creatine Botumix Food supplement for horses in intensive training or competition. Net weight:  5 lbs 88.185 oz (2.5 kg) FEEDING ... more info
Zoom optics provide maximum flexibility in sizing and imaging the embryo while  the light source is physically away from the embryo, the ... more info
Meiji Color USB Video Camera with Software

  Digital CMOS Video Camera DK1000CB With software for Windows or Mac   (Includes C-mount adapter)   Some of the many features ... more info
Metal Forceps


Price: $17.00

The Metal Forceps are used to pick up canisters and goblets in the tank.  They are 12" long and have a scissor handle.

Price: $6.00

- JorVet Microscope Slides - Clear Glass or Frosted Edge (choose below) - Beveled Edges - Pre-Cleaned -(72/box) 25.4 x 76.2 x 1mm  
Mini Moover Vapor (Dry) Shipper

Vapor (Dry) Shippers For Frozen Equine Semen     Canisters:  1 1/2 cc Straws (bulk/cane):  88/60 Normal Working Duration ... more info
MiniTherm Slide Warmer


Price: $549.00

The MiniTherm: A Compact and Affordable Stage Warmer for Sperm Motility Analysis         Sperm motility and velocity is highly ... more info
Minitube Culture Swab


Price: $3.93

Minitube Equine Uterus culture swab *With introduction pipette and pre-perforated cap for sampling without risk of contamination. Sterilized. ... more info
Minitube CushionFluid  CushionFluid for centrifugation of equine semen.  100ml
Equine IUI Pipette w/Inner Catheter          For deep intrauterine insemination with small volumes of liquid semen, if ... more info
MiniVID USB 2.0, 5.1MP Camera

It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any ... more info
MiniVID USB 3.0, 6.3MP Camera

The MiniVID USB is our best-selling camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube ... more info
MiniVID WiFi Camera


Price: $699.00

The MiniVID WiFi 5MP camera is an incredible addition to our camera line. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope with ... more info
This adapter connects the Missouri AV to a Missouri (baby) bottle or Colorado (ARS) style bottle.  BOTH SYLES IN STOCK!   
Convenient stallion collection kits include a 36-inch soft liner attached via screw-cap to a 200ml plastic bottle equipped with an ARS ... more info
WE MADE EVEN BETTER WITH A NEW CUT OFF VALVE!!  Now fill your Missouri AV with ease. The NEW Breeder's Choice AV filler will accurately give ... more info
Missouri AV Replacement Valve

* Replacement valve for liquid/air Core Housing.
    13" : Measures 13" from lip to point where starts to taper 18" : Measure 18" from lip to point where starts ... more info

Price: $345.00

  Missouri-Style Equine Artificial Vagina Kit. Please choose between 18" or 22"AV. Each of the A.V. assemblies consist of a vagina, 2 ... more info
Mixed capacity tube holder.

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold to help maintain sample temperature. Mixed capacity tube holder.
MX5 Centrifuge with Swing out Rotor

This is the centrifuge the breeding industry has been waiting for. 8 place 50ml swing out rotor with complete control of the brake and acceleration. ... more info

Price: $663.00

Quick-Cal, In-Lab User Calibration Function Hinged Lid is also Removable Digital Accuracy and Convenience Small Footprint 2 Year Warranty MyBath ... more info

Price: $7.75

For Veterinary & Laboratory use only.  The Air-Tite Vet Premium Hypodermic Needles are manufactured for those who demand only the absolute ... more info

Price: $79.95

The Neoprene insulated cover maintains AV temperature longer and is washable. Non-stretch handle. Made with the best quality materials and made in ... more info
NEW AV Bottle Cover-Large

NEW! Larger bottle cover with Velcro attachment to our strong and insulated Neoprene AV Cover.      2 layers of insulation Velcro ... more info
NEW Leather Blanket with Hips and HOOD

Made of the softest/highest quality leather and and add vinyal hood that fits over the head end of the phantom. The added hood feature reduces any ... more info


Price: $6.00

OPU Follicular Aspiration Probe

The WTA Follicular Aspiration Handle is an extensor for the ultrasound probe ergonomically designed to facilitate the OPU procedure and reduce ... more info


Price: $35.00

laboratory film (parafilm) size: 2" X 250' Quickly, effectively seals labware Waterproof, moisture-proof film prevents sample evaporation, ... more info
    PAVESafe Pavers     The world's safest equine surfacing! Picture courtesy of Select Breeders Southwest ... more info
        PAVESafe Pavers         The world's safest equine surfacing! Picture courtesy of Select ... more info
Petri dish 150mmx15mm


Price: $0.99

Precision molded Avitrolab Economical Petri Dishes provide distortion-free viewing. Use once and discard--eliminates time-consuming washing and ... more info
Petri Dish, Round, No Grid

Durable construction for stable dish manipulation  Crystal-grade, virgin polystyrene for optical clarity with grip ring Petri Dish, 100x15mm ... more info
pH Strips for Foaling Prediction

Cost Effective Easy to Use Accurate     More and more farms are turing to this method for better predicting when their mares will foal. ... more info
Pipetter (Green) for 5ml pipettes

Quick release pipette pump works great with 5ml pipette
Pipetter (Pipette Pump), Blue for 2 ml pipette

Accurate pipetting aid that provides a firm, positive fit for standard glass or plastic pipettes. Works great with 2ml pipette
Plastic Wrap Cutter


Price: $9.00

  • Angled cutter glides through stretch wrap. • Will not bunch or stick while cutting.
Polyester Straw Tweezer

  Correctly designed 6 1/4" tweezer for quick and easy removal of straws from canisters, and other handling of straws.  Scientifically ... more info


Price: $47.50

  The Predict-A-Foal™ Kit An easy-to-use test kit for predicting the possibility of foaling within 12 hours with up to 95% accuracy. The ... more info
Predict-A-Foal Replacement Strips

Predict A Foal replacement test strips. 15 test strips.  
Progesterone Test Kit


Price: $75.00

Measuring progesterone levels is a more reliable method on which to base a breeding schedule than the estrual behavioral patterns of the mare (such ... more info
Protective Shipping Carton

Protective Shipping Carton for Vapor Shippers: SC 4/2V SC 4/3V SC 2/1V Mini Moover ***Extra foam is required if ordering for Mini Moover and SC 2/1V, ... more info
Protective Shipping Carton - Doble 11

Protective Shipping Carton for Doble-11
Protective Shipping Carton - Doble 20

Protective Shipping Carton for Doble-20
Protective Shipping Carton - Doble 34

Protective cover for Dole 34
Protective Shipping Carton - Doble 47-6

Protective Shipping Carton for Doble-47-6
Pump for Gallon Lube


Price: $5.60

Plastic Pump for OB lube in Gallon Jug
PVC straw sealing powder.  Choose size Small 350gm (.77lb) or Large 750gm (1.65lb)

Price: $380.00

      Some labs don't need to be fancy just practical. This line of Quincy incubators will get the job done.      ... more info
Ready Warm Work Station


Price: $570.00

Create a warm working station for all your repro needs! Also, great as a fluid bag warmer. The Ready Warm maintains up to 4 IV bags at ... more info
Red UP BotuMix Supplement

Red Up Botumix Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, and Fatty Acid Supplement for Horses AVAILABLE:  Plastic dosing bottle of 51 floz (1.6 qt) (1.5 ... more info
Repair Kit


Price: $8.00

Repair Kit for 4" Heat Sealer
Please choose the regular body style or contoured. This cover is only for the Breeder's Choice Phantom. If you need a cover custom made ... more info
Revelation III Microscope

The Revelation III is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. The Revelation lll comes ... more info
Revitalize Plus Botumix Supplement

Revitalize Plus Botumix Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, Fatty Acid, Saccharides, And Yeast Supplement For Horses AVAILABLE:  Plastic dosing ... more info
Rubber Bands for CO Style AV

ARS Brand Rubber Bands, Pkg of 10 Brbber bands only
SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Centrifugation Media

SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Centrifugation Media 120 ml. Centrifugation Media to be used with the SBS CryoSystem Spectrum. Ready to use. Spectrum ... more info
SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Freezing Extenders.   Spectrum RED - High egg yolk content • No milk • Best combined with rapid cooling ... more info
SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Test Freeze Kit

SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Test Freeze Kit The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of freezing extenders which are paired with complementary ... more info
SC 2/1V Vapor (Dry) Shipper


Price: $1,039.00

NEW 2Hr CHARGE TIME!! Vapor (Dry) Shippers For Frozen Equine Semen     Canisters:  1 1/2 cc Straws (bulk):  88 Normal Working ... more info
SC 4/2V Vapor (Dry) Shipper


Price: $1,100.00

NEW 2Hr CHARGE TIME!! Vapor (Dry) Shippers For Frozen Equine Semen           Canisters:  1 1/2 cc Straws (bulk/cane): ... more info
SC 4/3V Vapor (Dry) Shipper


Price: $1,124.00

NEW 2Hr CHARGE TIME!! Vapor (Dry) Shippers For Frozen Equine Semen Canisters:  1 1/2 cc Straws (bulk/cane):  210/120 Normal Working ... more info
SDM1 Photometer


Price: $2,886.91

Evaluates sperm cell concentration in both neat and diluted semen samples (sodium citrate). LED light source for stable calibration Cuvette is ... more info
    Metal or glass sealing balls for .5cc (1/2cc) freezing straws. 1000/pkg Please choose metal balls ($25) or glass ($35), the glass balls ... more info
Search Dish Petri- 60mmx15mm

Falcon® 60 mmTC-Treated Easy-Grip Style Cell Culture Dish, 20/Pack, Sterile (Product #353004) Falcon® 60 mm Cell culture Dish with ... more info
Search Dish-4 Well


Price: $2.15

4 large wells slope to a flat bottom Working volume of 5 milliliters per well Lid allows for open or close position to allow for culture ... more info
      Serological Pipette. Individually wrapped with cotton plug. Great for pipetting semen. Choose size: 2ml: 100/pkg, $35.20/pkg ... more info
SFS Semi-Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine. For 0.5 ml straws. Contains 1 vacuum bottle, 1 filling and 1 suction nozzle; Product of Minitube ... more info
Shoulder Length OB Gloves

 Shoulder Length OB Gloves- 34" - 1.1 ml Thick - Non-Sterile - 100 per bag   YELLOW Color!!
Silicone Embryo Flushing Catheter, 32FR

Catheter, Embryo Flushing, FR32 x 100ml Balloon, 36" Silicone, sterile, for use in mares or cows; product of Minitube Germany
Silicone Flushing Catheter, 28FR

Catheter, Embryo Flushing, FR28 x 100ml Balloon, 36" Silicone, sterile, for use in mares or cows; product of Minitube Germany
Silicone Flushing Catheter, 36FR

Catheter, Embryo Flushing, FR36 x 100ml Balloon, 36" Silicone, sterile, for use in mares or cows; product of Minitube Germany
       Breeder's Choice Equine Breeding Phantom   Hydraulic Single Leg Simple to Install Battery Operated Silent ... more info
Slide Warmer


Price: $399.00

        The LW Scientific Slide Warmer is designed to be used for a broad range of applications. Our thick metal platform paired ... more info
Specimen Cup


Price: $0.45

Specimen Cup 4oz (118ml) Sterile    
Speed BotuMix Supplement

Spermacue + SDM1 Photometer Microcuvettes (100/pkg.)

Spermacue + SDM1 Photometer Microcuvettes (100/pkg.)
Stainless Steel AV Hanger

This heavy duty stainless steel hanger makes drying and storing AV's a breeze.
Stainless Steel Centrifuge Tube Holder/Stand

Stainless Steel Centrifuge Tube Holder/Stand
Stallion Condom


Price: $13.95

*Stallion Condom made of durable latex material. Wall thickness .0125, 12-3/4 long, 5-3/4 wide at base, and 3-3/8 wide at top opening.
Stallion Plus Supplement


Price: $139.00

    Maximum Reproductive Efficiency Botumix Stallion Plus is a highly effective vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement for adult ... more info
Staple Remover


Price: $6.00

  Artificial Insemination Sleeves - Shoulder Length - 39" - Sterile - 12 per package   Please choose Small or Regular Hand
Sterile 8 oz collection bottle liners. 25/pkg or box of 100 Works with CO or MO style bottles

Price: $0.55

Straw adapter for syringe to .25 or .5ml straw.  Each
Straw Connector


Price: $32.00

Straw connector for .25cc straw - to add a .5cc straw and seal the .25cc open end. The .5cc straw and its larger labeling can be identified in LNG ... more info
Straw Cutter


Price: $7.50

Designed to quickly cut off the sealed end of the semen straw. A push of a button cuts off the proper length. Sanitary, made from nylon and stainless ... more info

Price: $165.00

Stainless steel construction 24"x6"x2" for 100 straws or 11.5"x6"x2" for 40 straws Please choose 100 or 40 straw ... more info
Straw Tweezer, Metal 12"

These heavy duty metal straw tweezers are perfect for handling frozen straws. 12"

Price: $2.50

  Clear and irradiated straws without the risk of ethylene oxide! Straws are packaged 5 per package Please choose size     ... more info
A flexible stylet for embryo transfer and direct straw frozen insemination using 0.5 ml straws.   Paired with MiniTube Pipette, thawed ... more info
Sunbrella Outdoor Protective Cover

The Sunbrella Outdoor Protective Cover will protect you phantom from the sun. ***Due to special shipping requirements, please allow 1-2 weeks to ... more info
Super Sensitive Shoulder Length Gloves *NEW

A silky, copolymer glove for use during equine palpation.     Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards Extra-long, shoulder-lenght palpation ... more info
Suport Stand and Ring for embryo filters

 Base Stand with rod and Support rings for Embryo Filters.  Fits EmSafe and EZway embryo filters.  * 5" x 9" cast iron Base. ... more info


Price: $4.99

Surgilube - 4.25 oz Tubes (Generic K-Y)
Syringe Caps


Price: $9.25

Tail Guard


Price: $5.00

Plastic Tail Guard Bag of 25
Tail wrap


Price: $29.95

  The contour design prevents short hair from slipping out at the top of the tail. Reproductive and/or surgical type procedures can be ... more info
Therio-Gel (Pre-Seed) Lubricating Gel

  Therio-Gel (formaly known as Pre-Seed) is shown in independent studies to maintain better sperm function than other lubricants. Based on the ... more info
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