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Disposable Vaginal Speculum-Sterile

A disposable, 18" equine vaginal speculum that is foil-lined and has a foil-coated exterior. Sterilized, individualy wrapped. 
Doble-11 Semen Shipping/Storage Tank

DOBLE Series Semen Shipping/Storage Tanks     Tank Features:     High capacity dry shipper for frozen semen Becomes a ... more info
Doble-20 Semen Shipping/Storage Tank

DOBLE Series Semen Shipping/Storage Tanks     Tank Features:     High capacity dry shipper for frozen semen Becomes a ... more info
Doble-34 Storage/Vapor Liquid Tank

DOBLE Series Semen Shipping/Storage Tanks     Tank Features:     High capacity dry shipper for frozen semen Becomes a ... more info
Doble-47-6 Semen Shipping/Storage Tank

DOBLE Series Semen Shipping/Storage Tanks     Tank Features:     High capacity dry shipper for frozen semen  Becomes a ... more info
Double Guard Culture Swab

  Double-Guarded, Culture Swab, Sterilized, 30" Sold as each
Double Guard Cytology Brush

  • 31” swab is double-guarded with rigid shell. • Easily reduced for transport and plating. • Calcium alginate fiber head ... more info
Easy Cleaning Plastic Wrap

Easy way to clean your phantom inbetween collections. Just wrap the end of your breedign phantom and tear it off inbetween collections. Many farms ... more info
  The Embryo-GLO Zoom Stereoscope is the perfect choice for embryo transfer professionals. The Embryo-GLO Zoom Stereoscope magnifies ... more info
Formulation: 0.4% ICPbio bovine albumin, MOPS buffer (inert zwitterions). Store refrigerated 2-5C 2 day transit. 20ml Bags *Cold item – ... more info
EmCon Filter


Price: $12.75

120ml capacity 75 micron stainless steel screen Includes drain tube with pinch clamp
EmSafe Filter for Embryo Collection

An in-line disposable cup filter used during embryo flushing. It is compatible with a long foley tubing™ junctions. The level of fluid can ... more info
Equine Antibiotic Extender Supplement

Sterile vial containing in powder form: Amikacin Sulfate (.2g) Penicillin G Potassium (200,000 active units)   Please choose 2 day shipping for ... more info
Breeders Choice Equine Breeding Phantom - The World's Best Breeding Phantom The Breeder's Choice contour equine breeding phantom (breeding ... more info
Equine Refractometer for Checking Colostrum

This refractometer is for measuring the quality of mares colostrum. Simply use the dropper to take a sample of colostrum post foaling and put it ... more info
EquiPure Centrifugation Gradient

Density Gradient product designed to increase the quality and viability of equine sperm. This is achieved by separating the sperm by ... more info
EquiSaver Coolant Bricks

  Coolant Bricks for the EquiSaver Cooled Semen Shipper, these will not fit in any other brand. Case of 24
Outperforms the Competition Optimum Cooling Rate Costs Less to Ship High-Tech ControliQ Technology Environmentally Friendly Incudes Syringes w/caps ... more info
Our top of the line, the EquiSure Reusable includes the same great features as the EquiSure, but in a lockable, double-walled polyethylene ... more info
The Reusable Refrigerant Coolant Brick fits in the EquiSure model ONLY, it will not fit in any other brand. - Sold in a case of 4 or 10. ***PLEASE ... more info
      Up To 60 Hour Performance Ideal for extreme temperature environments & extended shipping durations Internal payload ... more info
Equitainer Ballast Bag

Price per bag. 
Equitainer Coolant Can


Price: $13.50

  The Freezer Cans provide the cooling power of the Equitainer system (for use with Equitainers only)     The Freezer Cans contain ... more info
Equitainer Sterile Cup

1 Sterile Cup for the Equitainer. 

Price: $15.50

Pull sanitary chemise over AI or ET rod. Upon contact with cervix, pull chemise back forcing rod tip through chemise wall. Chemise must not enter ... more info

Price: $2.65

  IMV Brand ET Sheath, 006384 (.25cc) or 017532 (.5cc) With Sanitary Sheath Side Delivery

Price: $95.00

IMV brand ET Syringe, 007246 (.25cc) and 024857 (.5cc)
EZ Way Filter


Price: $10.95

Designed to be a disposable searchable embryo filter with an excellent flow rate Will not run dry and is easy to use and rinse  The nylon filter ... more info
EZ Way Filter with Tubing

The EZ Way Filter is packaged with a Y-Junction Long. Each leg of the tubing set is 54 inches. A spike is on one end with the filter connection on ... more info
Falcon Test Tubes


Price: $8.50

BD Falcon Test Tubes - 12 x 75 mm tubes with caps - 25 per pack These tubes work great for sample collection and are held perfectly in our ... more info
Feed Saver


Price: $45.00

Feed Saver is a new approach to the problem horse with bad eating habits. Feed Saver is designed for horses that sling feed out of feeders or destroy ... more info

Price: $299.00

The Fleece Cover  provides added comfort and protection for your stallion.  It helps protect the fabric of the phantom from shoe cuts. ... more info

Price: $9.00

  Straw, 1/2cc with Wick & Powder, Clear 1/2cc PVC straw, 5.25 inches long. Wick and powder plug in one end. Packed 100 per poly bag. ... more info
Gallon lube-Lubrivet


Price: $15.00

Gel Filters - Disposable Nylon Mesh by ARS

Disposable Nylon Mesh Semen Gel Filters (25/pkg). Fits nicely into a Colorado (ARS) bottle.  
General Purpose Laboratory Incubator 2.0 cu.ft.

SHEL LAB  general purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific ... more info
General Purpose Laboratory Incubator 5.9 c.ft.

SHEL LAB  general purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific ... more info
General Purpose Laboratory Incubator 6.5cu.ft.

SHEL LAB  general purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific ... more info
SHEL LAB high-performance water baths are accurate, easy to use, safe and durable. The digital set/digital read P.I.D. temperature controller ... more info
Goblet lifters


Price: $10.95

Stainless steel - lift & latch to hold goblet near top of canister **Does not include canister or goblet
Gram Stain Kit


Price: $38.50

Many uses (i.e.: quick check on a swab from a severe otitis or a stain from an isolated culture). Four 250 mL bottles. Note: Gram Stain method does ... more info
The Worthington Industries High Capacity (HC) Series of cryogenic refrigerators is designed for long-term storage of biological material at liquid ... more info


Price: $129.00

    -D esigned for  counting sperm -H-shaped moat offers two counting areas - Neubauer rulings are 0.1mm below  cover glass ... more info
Hemacytometer Kit-Thrombo-Tic

This handy Hemacytometer Kit is used in place of the discountinued BD Unpopette Sytem for counting sperm concentration using a microscope.  ... more info
Hemacytometer Re-Supply Kit

Re-Supply Kit includes enough supplies for 10 measurements   Includes 10 of each: Reagent Vials 10ul Calillary Tube Filling Capillary Tube
Hettich EquiSpin 2


Price: $3,727.00

Hettich Rotofix 32A Centrifuge         6-Place Swing Out Rotor for 50ml conical tubes or 6-place 15ml conical tubes G-Force ... more info

Price: $9,444.00

Hettich EquiSpin 3 Centrifuge Package         Swing Out Rotor for 4 glass nipple tubes G-Force digital display.  Built in ... more info
Hexagonal Goblet-Clear

Hexagonal goblets hold 80 x .25ml straws or 36 x .5ml AI straws.  
High Flow Filter


Price: $10.95

Filter for the collection of fertilized embryos Stainless steel 72 micron filter Larger capacity than other funnel filters Very high flow rate ... more info
HR Lube One Shot-sterile 5g

  HR Lube, Sterile, Water Soluble.  6 x 5g packets
Phase Contrast Built in Heated Stage           Perfect for veterinarians or fertility clinics, the new i4 Semen ... more info

Price: $75.00

  Kit of 5 or 10 Immunoglobulin G is an essential antibody that ensures protection against infectious disease. Foals are born with no ... more info
Impulse Heat Sealer


Price: $69.95

Perfect for sealing semen bags. Seal length of 4 inches. ***Other sizes available, please call to order***
IMV Straw Bubbler and Filler System

Filler system with bubbler. This system does not come with the vacuum pump One pkg/25 006935 Medium Bubbler Dishes (25/pkg) One unit ... more info
Indoor Protective Cover - Canvas

The Indoor Protective Cover is made of washable canvas material and will keep the dust off your phantom. ***Due to special shipping requirements, ... more info
              INRA 96 is formulated for the preservation and transport of fresh equine semen for up to 48 hours. ... more info
INRA Freeze Kit


Price: $168.00

  EACH KIT INCLUDES: • Two 200 mL bottles of INRA 96® An extender formulated for the preservation and transport of fresh equine semen ... more info
INRA Freeze, 120ml bottle

  INRAFreeze, Equine Semen Freezing Extender Better semen protection due to the association of INRA 96 and egg yolk plasma Proven to increase ... more info
  All items are individually wrapped and sterile. Now with perferated bag for easy opening.      Includes: 1 Insemination pipette ... more info
All items individually wrapped and sterile. Now with perferated bag for easy opening!       Includes: All plastic syringe Flex ... more info
Insemination Pipette- MiniTube • Suitable for liquid and frozen-thawed semen in straws • Smooth round tip for gentle introduction • ... more info
iSperm Protective Case


Price: $65.00

Caixa Protetora para o i-Sperm. Mala rígida da marca Pelican moldada especificamente para o produto. À prova de água até ... more info

Price: $50.00

iSperm Sampling Chips, qty 50 (50 tops and 50 bottoms) 1 set is needed for each analysis. Not reusable  Chips only, does not include light ... more info

Price: $2,200.00

  iSpermR  Semen Evaluation Accurate   In side by side comparisons with CASA system, Nucleocounter and Hemacytomer ... more info
Kim Wipes


Price: $4.95

280 sheets, 4.4"x8.4"   Precision Wipes. 
Knee Protection for Stallions-ReWrap Pro

NEW LOWER PRICE! We believe these wraps are ideal to use on stallions knees by themselves or in addition to the Breeding Boots we offer to provide ... more info

Price: $1,119.00

                            Want to save Thou$ands on lab equipment and have ... more info
Lab Armor Walkabout Tray

  Tired of tying to keep your semen dose warm and out of the light during transportation from the lab to your mare? This Walkabout tray is a ... more info
Lab Rack, Conical Tube Rack

Our Breeder's Choice Lab Rack is especially designed for the equine industry. It holds 8 x 50ml or 15ml conical tubes and has a smaller hole for ... more info

Price: $7.50

Criterion Latex Exam Gloves - Powder Free - Ambidextrous - 100 per box - Size - Medium
The Worthington Industries Liquid Dewar (LD) Series of cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing smaller amounts of liquid ... more info
The leather breeding blanket provides a softer surface and added protection for your stallion and the phantom.  Try out our new and improved ... more info
Leather Cover for Missouri AV. Please choose size below
Long Foley Y-Junction w/spike

  Long Foley Y-Junction w/spike Sterile


Price: $140.00

  Better breeding through the science of feeding.   Studies show that stallions fed diets supplemented with Magnitude's ... more info
Manual Ball Sealer by MOFA

Manual Ball Sealer for .5ml straws Seal your straws with glass or metal beads with this easy to use tool. Just simply push a straw into the sealer ... more info
MaxFlow Gel Filters (25 Ea.)

MaxFlow Gel Filters - 3" x 6" - 25/pkg
MaxiFreeze Centrifugation Cushion

  Centrifugation cushion for maximum retrieval of sperm, 100ml bottle. Store between +4 and +20°c protected from light.  ... more info
Liquid Nitrogen Measurign Stick, 24" (Small)  or 47" (Large, due to its lenght this item will ship separately) 
Zoom optics provide maximum flexibility in sizing and imaging the embryo while 150 watt fiber optic lighting provides adjustable, powerful ... more info
Meiji Color USB Video Camera with Software

  Digital CMOS Video Camera DK1000CB With software for Windows or Mac   (Includes C-mount adapter)   Some of the many features ... more info
Metal Forceps


Price: $17.00

The Metal Forceps are used to pick up canisters and goblets in the tank.  They are 12" long and have a scissor handle.

Price: $6.00

- JorVet Microscope Slides - Clear Glass or Frosted Edge (choose below) - Beveled Edges - Pre-Cleaned -(72/box) 25.4 x 76.2 x 1mm  
Mini Moover Vapor (Dry) Shipper

Vapor (Dry) Shippers For Frozen Equine Semen     Canisters:  1 1/2 cc Straws (bulk/cane):  88/60 Normal Working Duration ... more info
MiniTherm Slide Warmer


Price: $549.00

The MiniTherm: A Compact and Affordable Stage Warmer for Sperm Motility Analysis         Sperm motility and velocity is highly ... more info
Equine IUI Pipette w/Inner Catheter          For deep intrauterine insemination with small volumes of liquid semen, if ... more info
MiniVID USB 2.0, 5.1MP Camera

It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any ... more info
MiniVID USB 3.0, 6.3MP Camera

The MiniVID USB is our best-selling camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube ... more info
MiniVID WiFi Camera


Price: $699.00

The MiniVID WiFi 5MP camera is an incredible addition to our camera line. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope with ... more info
This adapter connects the Missouri AV to a Missouri (baby) bottle or Colorado (ARS) style bottle. Please choose below  
Convenient stallion collection kits include a 36-inch soft liner attached via screw-cap to a 200ml plastic bottle equipped with an ARS ... more info
WE MADE EVEN BETTER WITH A NEW CUT OFF VALVE!!  Now fill your Missouri AV with ease. The NEW Breeder's Choice AV filler will accurately give ... more info
Missouri AV Replacement Valve

  13": Measures 13" from lip to point where starts to taper 18": Measure 18" from lip to point where starts to ... more info

Price: $325.00

  Missouri-Style Equine Artificial Vagina Kit. Please choose between 18" or 22"AV. Each of the A.V. assemblies consist of a vagina, 2 ... more info

Price: $663.00

Quick-Cal, In-Lab User Calibration Function Hinged Lid is also Removable Digital Accuracy and Convenience Small Footprint 2 Year Warranty MyBath ... more info

Price: $7.75

For Veterinary & Laboratory use only.  The Air-Tite Vet Premium Hypodermic Needles are manufactured for those who demand only the absolute ... more info

Price: $79.95

The Neoprene insulated cover maintains AV temperature longer and is washable. Non-stretch handle. Made with the best quality materials and made in ... more info
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