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Sterile Flex Tip Insemination Tubes (pipette) - Flex tip - Flexible - Individually wrapped - 25 per package   Choose size
0.5-10ul Micropipettor tips

Pipette Tips 0.5-10ul *Universal fit. *96 units per rack.
05-10ul Micropipettor


Price: $75.00

Adjustable Micropipette 0.5-10ul. The pipette has a visual display that allows you to easily adjust and accurately set te volume. *Volume range: ... more info
Plastic 13mm or 10mm goblets for holding straws in 13mm or 10mm aluminum canes.    10mm holds 7 x .5cc straws 13mm holds 10 x .5cc ... more info
10-100ul Micropipettor


Price: $75.00

Adjustable Micropipette 10-100ul. The pipette has a visual display that allows you to easily adjust and accurately set te volume. *Volume range: ... more info
10-100ul Micropipettor Tips

Pipette Tips 10-100ul *Universal fit. *96 units per rack.
12 X 1.5 Conical Bottom Tubes.

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold to help maintain sample temperature. Holding capacity: 12 x 1.5ml ... more info
15ml Centrifuge tubes, Rack of 50

Free of detectable DNase/RNase/human DNA Sterile Polypropylene 15ml tube rack can be recycled! Free of detectable DNase, RNase, & Human DNA ... more info
16 X 1.5 ml microtubes.


Price: $153.40

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold to help maintain sample temperature. Holding capacity: 16 x 1.5 ml ... more info
1ml Syringes


Price: $19.40

1ml Syringes (Air-Tite) 100/box   Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe   NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, no ... more info
2 X 50ml tubes


Price: $172.40

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright help maintain sample temperature. Holding capacity:   2 x 50 ml tubes.
20ml Syringes


Price: $38.50

20ml Syringes (Air-Tite) 100/box,    Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe     NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, contain no ... more info
21" Sterile Infusion/Insemination Pipette *Drilled

STERILE Infusion/Insemination Tubes (pipette)- 21" w/drilled end. 25/pkg
Laptop controller with 2100 software included Front loading for easy use Made in the USA Includes 4ft LN2 transfer line         ... more info
2L Cylinder, Plastic


Price: $39.00

Plastic graduated cylinder Wide rim and a tapered pour spout for easy filling and pouring
2ml Micro Centrifuge tube, 25/pkg

Flip top 2ml Micro Centrifuge tube. Conical bottom 25/bag
2ml Syringes


Price: $13.99

2ml / 3ml  Syringes (Air-Tite) 100/box, with graduation marks to 3ml   Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe   NORM-JECT ® ... more info
30ml Syringes


Price: $39.90

30ml Syringes (Air-Tite) 50/box   Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe     NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, ... more info
35mm Goblet


Price: $1.75

35mm Goblet White holds 110 .5ml straws
4 x 15 ml tubes 45°


Price: $162.00

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold to help maintain sample temperature. Holding capacity: 4 x 15 ml tubes ... more info
42mm Goblet


Price: $1.95

High density polyethylene cylindrical goblet, 42mm diameter. Clear/White Holds 145 .5ml straws
47/11 Tank Dividers


Price: $105.00

MVE XC 47/11-6 Tank divider. Stainless Steel Dividers for XC 47/11-6 Tank Canister  
500ml Wash Bottle


Price: $7.75

500ml Polypropylene/plastic Wash Bottle
50ml Centrifuge/Conical Tube 25/Rack

CELLTREAT Centrifuge Tubes  are made of high-clarity polypropylene and have smooth, flat surface HDPE caps. Graduations are printed in a bold ... more info
50ml Syringes


Price: $32.35

50ml Syringes (Air-Tite) has markings to 60ml -30/box     Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe     NORM-JECT ® syringes are ... more info
5ml Syringes


Price: $19.40

Norm-Ject 5ml Syringe, 100/box, Markings up to 6ml   Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe   NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, ... more info
6 x 1.5ml microtubes.


Price: $134.40

WTA aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold to help maintain sample temperature. Holding capacity:   6 x ... more info
65mm Goblet


Price: $2.00

High density polyethylene cylindrical goblet, 65mm diameter. Clear/White Holds 365 .5ml straws
9" Transfer Pipette, to pipette semen from collection bottle

  9" Sterile Disposable Transfer Pipettes, individualy wrapped. Want an easier way to transfer you semen dose into your shipping syringes? ... more info

Price: $17.30

ABT  COMPLETE  FLUSH  is  designed  for  the  collection  of  ... more info
ABT Equine Vitrification Kit

This Vitrification Kit is based on technology developed by the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory at Colorado State University, Ft. ... more info

Price: $13.10

ABT  HOLDING  medium  was  developed  to  provide  embryos  a  sustainable  and  healthy  ... more info
ABT PVA Concentrate


Price: $12.60

  ABT PVA CONCENTRATE is a 10% concentrated solution used as a surfactant when added to Lactated Ringers or Hartmann Saline Solution. ... more info
ABT Rinsing Solution


Price: $15.75

ABT RINSING SOLUTION is used for rinsing embryo collection  ... more info

Price: $21.00

ABT’s ADAPT HOLDING with HA medium provides embryos a sustainable and healthy environment after collection and before transfer or freezing. ... more info
  13mm or 10mm Aluminium Canes. 25/pkg Canes for use in nitrogen tanks. Fill semen straws, put into goblets, attach goblets into these aluminum ... more info

Price: $243.00

Bath Armor is a dry thermal media for use in water baths.  The aluminum beads provide a concurrent thermal & antimicrobial activity that ... more info
Disposable AV Liner Kits are a convenient way to purchase disposable supplies for the CSU Model™ Artificial Vagina. Each pre-assembled kit ... more info
ARS Colorado Collection Bottle

Disposible ARS Colorado Collection Bottles have printed graduations in 5ml increments on the 200ml bottle.
The Tubular Latex Bladder is molded from natural latex rubber and acts as the water retention barrier inside the CSU Model™ AV Case. Tubular ... more info

Price: $3.75

The Large (165 mm) Adjustable Plastic Clamp is used to secure the Disposable Collection Liner to the CSU Model™ AV Case. The Small (45 mm) ... more info
Flared Reusable Latex Collection Liner: The Flared Reusable Latex Collection Liner has a tapered end for connection to the Collection Bottle and a ... more info
Aspirator Vacuum Pump


Price: $33.25

This Aspirator pump is ideal for aspirating top layer of centrifuges semen.           Comes with 1.5' of 3/8" x ... more info
AV & Glassware Cleaner, Alconox

Alconox: It is non-corrosive, free rinsing, odorless, biodegradable and mild. Dilute 1:100. It is safe on glass, metal, rubber, plastic, and ... more info
AV and Glass Cleaner, Tergazyme Detergent

  4Lbs.  Concentrated to save you money • Biodegradable and readily disposable • Protease enzyme removes proteinaceous soils, ... more info
AV Cleaning Brush


Price: $13.00

        15.7” long bottle brush can reach the bottom and clean all inside areas Made of nylon fibers and food grade ... more info
AV Conditioning Solution

AV Conditioning Solution is used inside the bladder of the AV to help prevent the liner from sticking together. The conditioning solution also aids ... more info
AV Fill Funnel


Price: $18.50

The AV Fill Funnel Adaptor has a funnel on one end and connects to the Missouri AV on the other. This makes filling the Missour AV with water much ... more info

Price: $220.00

Problem mare? bActivate activates the dormant infection so it can be effectively treated.   Product description​ bActivate is a growth ... more info


Price: $18.50

  Tired of shoulder-length gloves that are constantly sliding down your arm?  Band-A-Sleeve™ addresses this irritating problem by ... more info
BAT LN2 Level Alarm


Price: $605.00

Battery operated LN2 low level lalarm. Small alaram can be attached to the tank. Wire probe is easily installed. Optional probe holder available ... more info

Price: $597.00

Your favorite Missouri AV and accessories in one kit! Kit Includes: Missouri AV, Choose between 18" or 22"  Breeder's Choice ... more info
BioVID HD Camera for i4 Microscope **Highly Recommended**

          The BioVID HD 1080+ microscope camera does it all! Connect the camera to any trinocular microscope via ... more info
BioVIEW Camera and Monitor


Price: $1,900.00

The BioVIEW microscope camera and monitor is the essential tool for live presentations and client education. The premium BioVID HD1080+ camera paired ... more info
Bite Bar for phantom


Price: $375.00

Heavy duty bite strap for stallions who bite at the phantom or those who bite for added support. Easily and securely straps to the phantom ... more info
BL7 Cryo Shipper


Price: $215.00

      MVE BL7 CryoCube The BL-7 is a bit larger than the standard CryoCube™ which increases the cryogenic hold time to 7 days ... more info
BOTU Broodmare PLUS


Price: $152.90

High concentrations Carnitine Arginine Omega 3 For the improvement of oocyte metabolic function and embryonic development For mares in reproductive ... more info
BOTU Broodmare Supplement

BroodMare Supplement Botumix   Liquid vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fatty acid supplement for broodmares and recipient mares 50ml once a day ... more info
Botu Pharma AV


Price: $367.95

                                         ... more info

Price: $61.00

Description RedCushion  is a cushion fluid of high density used for semen centrifugation. It reduces damage from centrifugation through sperm ... more info
Botu SpermFilter


Price: $80.30

Description SpermFilter  is a synthetic membrane filter with porosity that allows the passage of seminal plasma and bacteria, retaining only ... more info
Botu Test Kit


Price: $50.60

Kit includes  100ml of each of Botu Extenders for fresh or cooled semen.  Botu Standard, Botu Special, Botu Gold, Botu Turbo
Botu Vital Stain


Price: $23.10

Description BotuVital  is a diluent for sperm evaluation based on Eosin and Nigrosin, which allows the analysis of the sperm pathologies as ... more info


Price: $198.00

BotuBov Freezing Extender

Description: Freezing extender for bulls and small ruminants. More information: BotuBov advanced formulation was developed to protect and preserve ... more info
BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender

BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender 25ml ***********(New sizing 25ml)***********    The formulation of BotuCrio contains a lower ... more info


Price: $8.80

Description COMPOSITION: Casein, sugars, preservatives, and excipients. HOW TO PREPARE: Add all the content of this packet in 20 mL of sterile ... more info
BotuDog Freezing


Price: $45.10

Description COMPOSITION: Sugars, antioxidants, amino acids, egg yolk, and cryoprotectant. Store it in a freezer at -20ºC. After thawing, keep ... more info
BotuDog Turbo


Price: $8.80

Description COMPOSITION: Casein, sugars, preservatives, pentoxifylline, and excipients. HOW TO PREPARE: Add all the content of this packet in 20 mL ... more info


Price: $6.05

Description BotuEmbryo  is a media for maintenance and transport of embryos in field conditions. Its packing does not require the use of ... more info

Price: $28.60

Safe Transport of Semen and Embryo The best system in the market designed for embryo transport. Proven results and high pregnancy rates. Semen ... more info

Price: $15.00

BotuGold 100ml Extender based on caseins with addition of cholesterol. Milk casein phosphoproteins protects sperm cells from the action of seminal ... more info
Botupharma latex (liner only)

Latex replacement liner for Botupharma AV.

Price: $12.00

  BotuSemen 100ml packet with 100ml Sterile Water Extender based on skimmed milk to transport cooled semen or preservation at 5 degrees C or 15 ... more info

Price: $14.00

  BotuSpecial 100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a componet of the spermatic membrane that ... more info

Price: $13.00

  BotuTurbo 100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Pentoxifylline which inhibits phosphodiesterase by increasing APMc ... more info


Price: $131.00

Nidacon BoviPure™ BoviPure™ is the better way to separate and purify bovine spermatozoa. In combination with BoviDilute, BoviPure ... more info
Breeder's Choice Collection Bottle Cover

Collection Bottle Cover is used to keep the Disposable Collection Bottle warm during semen collection, and protects the semen from exposure to ... more info
Breeding Hobbles


Price: $189.00

Feather-Weight® Leather Breeding Hobble is used to prepare a mare for breeding. The unit allows the horse to walk, but not kick. Made of heavy ... more info


Price: $3.50

The ARS Disposable Bubbler Comb is used to quickly insert the airspace into a 0.5 ml straw. This unique design fits securely inside the mouth of a ... more info
Bubbler Comb and Basket, disposable Works with the reusable Metal Holder
Bubbler Comb Holder


Price: $220.00

Metal holder for comb and basket. Reusable. Works with Bubbler Comb and Basket. Metal stand/holder only.
Bucket - Stainless Steel, 9Qt

9qt High Quality Stainless Steel Bucket

Price: $10.75

Centrifuge tubes, self standing, sterile

Graduations on clear tubes are printed in bold easy-to-read black ink and are accurate to ± 2% Large white marking area provides excellent ... more info
Collection Bottle


Price: $2.15

240 ML Collection Bottle, colors vary. Works great with Max Flow Gel Filters, <a ... more info
Conical Tube Rack-Blue


Price: $16.15

18 spots for 15ml tubes 10 spots for 50ml tubes
Cotton Plunger for 1/2ml Straws

      A better way to push the semen out of the freezing straws. Simply push plunging stick on top of the cotton plug for a ... more info
Cotton Rolls - 1 lb.


Price: $8.15

  1 lb cotton roll, non-sterile, wrapped.
Cover Slips


Price: $5.50

Cover Slips (1 oz. box) 22mm x 22mm
Creep Feeder


Price: $69.99

All New Creep Feeding System Creep Feeder II is an all new way to creep feed foals and calves. Made of high density plastic and stainless steel ... more info
Price per pair 2 week lead time
Cryo-Vial 2ml


Price: $45.00

2ml, external thread, bag of 100 Avitrolab Cryovials  are designed for bio-storage at temperatures as low as -196°C (but should only be used ... more info


Price: $195.00

Like dry shippers, the Chart MVE CryoCube™ provides a safe cryogenic shipping option for your embryos, semen or any other biological samples ... more info
CryoSealer - Ultrasonic Straw Sealer

Ultrasonic Sealing Technology Seals .25ml or .5ml straws Safe! Less heat transfer to liquid than with ordinary heat sealing machine Audio and visual ... more info

Price: $1,349.00

  WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES XC Series (Cryo Exchange) Vapor Shippers The Worthington Industries Cryo Exchange (CX) Series of vapor shippers is ... more info
Cylinder- 100ml Glass Graduated

Cylinder- 100ml Glass Graduated  White Scale with Marking spot.  Detachable, plastic hex base for compact storage.  Safe-Gard bumper.

Price: $349.00

No flame, hands-free, rapid slide preparation The LW Scientific CytoPrep is a combination device that safely heat-fixes cytologies and quickly dries ... more info
Daisy Goblet


Price: $11.00

In the Daisy configuration, goblets hold 12 visotubes of different colors and can hold a maximum of 168 straws of 0.25 ml or 0.5 mL.
Densimeters Disposable Pipette Tips (100/rack)

The Pipette Tip Rack is used as a convenient tool for mating the tip to the Pipette for the ARS 180ul Positive Displacement Pipette. (BAG with ... more info
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