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MEIJI EMZ Zoom Stereo Microscope

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Zoom optics provide maximum flexibility in sizing and imaging the embryo while the light source is physically away from the embryo, the technician is free to control the process temperature without fear of powerful illumination "cooking" the specimens.
The BD-LED stand features a focusing slide block, incident light LED bright-field illumination, rotatable mirror in base for “pseudo LED transmitted light dark-field illumination” dual variable intensity controls, clear glass stage plate, two stage clips and features rugged cast alloy construction affording stable operation. The integrated front surface mirror is rotatable thus allowing angled light from below. Sometimes referred to as "pseudo-darkfield", the BD-LED Stand produces extremely useful contrast for embryo work. EMZ  directs light to all three viewing ports simutaneously which allows you to watch on a monitor while someone is looking into the eye pieces. 
Detent Option available for all models -$75.00
Zoom Ratio:  6.5:1
Zoom Range 0.7x - 4.5x
Zoom Control:  Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
Magnification:  7x - 45x(10x eyepieces)
Field of View:  32mm - 5.1mm
Working Distance:  104mm (93mm for the Binocular)
Eyetube Inclination:  45Ëš
Interpupllary Distance:  54mm - 75mm
Dioptric Adjustment:  Dual (+/- diopters)
Extended Magnification Range:  2.1x - 270x
Extended Working Distances:  38mm - 307mm
Includes 10x eyepieces & Ergonomic LED Stand

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