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ADAPT Holding with HA

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ABT’s ADAPT HOLDING with HA medium provides embryos a sustainable and healthy environment after collection and before transfer or freezing. We’ve adapted our ABT Holding formulation by excluding components of animal origin, helping to alleviate concerns about temperature controlled shipping and storage as well as potential bio-hazards. ADAPT Holding contains hyaluronan (HA), a macro-molecule which replaces Bovine Serum Albumin commonly used in other embryo transfer media. While ADAPT Holding is not meant to act as an extended culture medium for incubation, it does contain a variety of components such as amino acids, nutrients and energy sources that facilitate embryo viability. Embryos can be transferred using a straw containing ADAPT Holding with HA. For specific seeding instructions please read the product insert included in each shipment. ADAPT Holding starts with ultra-purified Type 1 water. All ABT products are manufactured in a cleanroom environment and go thru strict quality control practices, ensuring consistency and quality from lot to lot.

• Includes essential and non-essential amino acids, energy sources, Gentamycin as an antibiotic and is Hepes buffered

• 100% traceable components

• Filtered to 0.1uM; no additional filtering required

• Tight quality control standards equal consistent results

• Available in durable EVA bags and 7ml LDPE Single Use Dropper Bottle

• Made in the USA with more than two decades of experience

Does not need to ship on ice

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