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5ml Syringes

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Norm-Ject 5ml Syringe, 100/box, Markings up to 6ml


Norm-Ject Luer Slip Syringe
NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, no silicone oil, styrene or DEHP and are DNA free. These syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, non-reactive syringe. Because of their composition they are indicated for Nuclear Medicine, Amniocentisis, IVF, embryo-transfer, chromatography and many laboratory procedures. They are more chemically resistant than rubber tipped syringes. Manufactured only from laboratory grade polypropylene and polyethylene. These unique plastic syringes have a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills. NORM-JECT ® syringes are individually sterile strip packed. Up to 5ml syringes have a centric tip, 10ml and larger have an eccentric tip. FDA registered, CE Mark, ISO9001 certified.
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