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SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Test Freeze Kit

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SBS CryoSystem Spectrum Test Freeze Kit

The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of freezing extenders
which are paired with complementary freezing protocols. The
system allows the clinician to identify the best freezing
extender for each individual stallion.
Spectrum extenders feature various cryoprotectants and specific
egg yolk or milk content that combine to protect sperm cells from
damage caused by freezing, and protect the fertilizing ability of the
semen after thawing.
With Spectrum extenders and the SBS CryoSystem it is now possible
to achieve pregnancy rates with frozen-thawed semen which are
comparable to cooled semen.

• 2 x Spectrum Orange, 15 ml
• 2 x Spectrum Red, 15 ml
• 1 x Spectrum Blue, 15 ml
• 1 x Spectrum Violet, 15 ml
• 1 x Spectrum Green, 15 ml
• 2 x Cushion Fluid, 30 ml
• 2 x Centrifugation Medium, 120 ml

Spectrum Extenders ship only Mon,Tue and Wed.

Orders must be in by 2pm EST. Overnight shipping is required. 



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