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BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender

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BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender 25ml

***********(New sizing 25ml)*********** 


The formulation of BotuCrio contains a lower concentration of Glycerol and, in combination with one of several amides, results in better sperm integrity, sperm viability, better post thaw total and progressive motility, as well as sperm velocty, compared to other commercially available freezing extenders. 

Studies have indicated that stallion sperm frozen in BotuCrio have better fertility compared with other extenders. These very good in vitro results have been confirmed during fiel experiments to provide higher pregnancy rate after insemination. 

25ml bottle. 

Must ship on ice. The manufacturer states it can arrive thawed but must still be cold.

Botu Crio is only shipped on Monday, Tuedsay and Wednesday only. Please understand the Crio maybe thawed once it arrives to you and that is perfectly fine as long as it is still cool to the touch, just place it in the freezer. 

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