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INRA 96 Extender - 200ml

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INRA 96 is formulated for the preservation and transport of fresh equine semen for up to 48 hours.
  • Improves preservation and maintains the fertility potential of fresh equine semen up to 48 hours.
  • Beneficial in extension of difficult stallions
  • Highly Effective equine semen cell protection
  • Protection against bacterial and fungalcontaminants
  • Formulated for the preservation and transport of equine semen at 4oC and 15oC
  • Sterile and ready-to-use in a liquid presentation

Composition: INRA 96 contains only the purified fraction of milk micellar proteins. Micellar proteins have been proven to be highly effective in the protection of equine sperm cells. Contains antibiotics: (Penicillin 27 mg/L - Gentamycin 76 mg/L) and an antifungal (Amphotericin).

Beneficial in extension of difficult stallions. Proven to be beneficial for use in sub-fertile stallions that present cold shock effects in the sperm cell at 4oC. Doses prepared with INRA 96 may be stored for 24 hours at 4oC and 15oC. Fertility of certain stallions improves if stored at 15oC. INRA 96 proves to be an alternative for those stallions of which semen is affected by "cold shock" when lowering the temperature to 4oC.


  • If the entire contantes are not used when the bottle is first opened, the balance may be frozen in sterile containers. Once frozen it is recommended that the bottle only be thawed once. 
  • For prolonged storage: Store between 2oC and 8oC. 

Expiration Date: September 2023

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