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Insemination Pipette- MiniTube

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Insemination Pipette- MiniTube

Suitable for liquid and frozen-thawed semen in straws

Smooth round tip for gentle introduction

Flexible shaft facilitates handling

Precision tooled tip with inner cone for 0.5 ml straws to allow direct

position of semen into the uterus and to ensure 100 % semen delivery

The reload system: if used with the A. I. stylet for 0.5 ml straws, the same

pipette can be reloaded with consecutive straws in situ

Finger handle with adapter to fit syringe and macrotube straw


Sterile, Individually wrapped

65cm (25.5"), 17209/1265 holds 7.25ml or 75cm (29.5"), 17209/1275 holds 8ml

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