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iSperm Semen Analyzer

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The First Mobile Smart Semen Analyzer

iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA). It offers readings,videos, and semen extending calculations and saves these analytics that makes real sense for veterinarians and breeders need in daily practice.
Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm provides the flexibility to be adapted to economic, companion, and endangered animals.


In side by side comparisons with CASA system, Nucleocounter and Hemacytomer counts verify accuracy of iSperm motility and concentration readings. 


iSperm mCASA is a portable and professional semen analyzer. You can now perform rapid screening in the field, and work on sophisticated examinations in the lab. iSperm calculates concentration, progressive motility, total motility and number of doses and extender needed (10 seconds per sample).

If you need to ship semen to your clients or supply commercial semen, iSperm mCASA makes it easier by calculating the extender volume for use to dilute an ejaculate precisely and automatically.

Wide User Range 

Based on the affordability of the iSperm, small operations can gain accuracy and efficiencies that have previously only been available with CASA systems. 

  • Portable, compact design allows for easy integration into any system.
  • Compatible with iPad Mini 6 (not included), due to the optics needed, iSperm ONLY works with iPad Mini 6. Murine, poultry, and cervine are not ready on the 6 yet, you will need an iPad mini 5 for these species. 
  • Heater prevents any cold shock, heates up in under a minute. 
  • Mare owners can analyze the stallions semen before insemination with out expensive equipment and send the results to stallion owners, only 7.5ul are needed.
  • Monitor your male animal fertility on the go. Access and manage all your data on your smartphone, laptop, and PC by just logging in to your iSperm Cloud account whenever you want.
  • EfficientSave data and generate insights in the future. iSperm does the semen quality part for you. It takes just a few seconds to generate a report with all the readings and videos from the day.


Watch the iSperm How to Videos

Measured Parameters:

Concentration of Sperm (million/ml)

Total Motility (%)

Progressive Motility (%)

Volume of Extender (ml)

Number of Doses

It is recommended to dilute the sample to:

15-450mill/ml for concentration (optimized at 30-60mill/ml)

15-450mill/ml for total motility accuracy (optimized at 30-60mill/ml)

15-100mill/ml for progressive motility (optimized at 30-60mill/ml)


Comes with 50 sampling chips (1 chip is needed for each analysis), stand and heater. For extra chips order Here. 


Species available are Equine, Poultry, Caprine, Bovine, Canine, Ovine and Murine. The base price includes 1 app. If you are interested in additional apps with your iSperm please mention which app in the comments section at check out. Additional apps are $1,450.00. 




Free phone/FaceTime set up help


***Please add in the comments at check out the country it will be used in***

***Without this information we will not ship***


See iSperm Sampling Methods for help deciding if you would like to order the 100ul pipettor




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