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Cito Thaw, with AC and DC cord


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Properly thaw semen to a constant temperature of 95°-98° F. Made of tough ABS noncorrosive plastic, these units will take a lot of abuse, but at the same time protect all working elements. Indicator lights show when the unit is ready to use, and when it is working and maintaining the proper temperature. The hinged lid is made of reinforced nylon, and the replaceable cover seal is of thermoplastic rubber. Unit consists of a base 12V/120V DC digital model and comes with a power supply, a 6-ft. 12V/120V AC cord, and a 12-ft. 12V/120V DC cord (for use with a vehicle cigarette lighter) so that the unit can be used with both voltage requirements. Unit also includes a lift-out basket and thermometer. Designed to fit in the accessories rack in the Technician Box 

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