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CX Series- Vapor Shippers

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XC Series (Cryo Exchange) Vapor Shippers


Vapor (Dry) Shippers

For the safe transport of AI/IVF samples


*Complies with IATA regulations for open cryogenic receptacles

*Rugged construction and superior vacuum performance with super insulation for maximum holding times.

*Lockable lid.

*Made in USA

CX Series Shippers use Advanced Concept Adsorbent enables faster charging.

Storage temperatures inside the shipping chamber remain at approximately -1900C until the liquid nitrogen evaporates from the adsorbent material.

CX100: 17 Working Days, Holds 280 in canes/800 Bulk 1/2ml Straws

CXR100: 11 Working Days, Holds 280 in canes/800 Bulk 1/2ml Straws

Optional Shipping Case, Hard Shell (fits both)

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