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Feed Saver

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Feed Saver is a new approach to the problem horse with bad eating habits. Feed Saver is designed for horses that sling feed out of feeders or destroy feeders in general.  Research shows that when horses sling food out of their buckets they do so from the sides, not the front or back. That is why Feed Saver is designed with special sides on the feeders to prevent spillage and save you money on feed. 

  • The Feed Saver base is made of 3/8” high density plastic with two machined plastic tops. 
  • The Feed Saver is the same bottoms as the Creep Feeder. This makes it easy to change from Creep Feeder to Feed Saver. 
  • Feed saver has the removable bottom for easy cleaning. 
  • Holds up to 6 lbs of feed.
  • Feed Saver is tough and durable. 
  • These feeders are made to stand up against the most destructive horses. No more buying endless amounts of feed buckets only to have them destroyed. 
3 year warrantee. Made in U.S.A.
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