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Disposable 1.0ml Transfer Pipettes, extended fine tip

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Semen Evaluation
    Use the Disposable Transfer Pipette to deposit a drop of semen 
    (extended or raw) onto the Glass Slide for evaluation. Each bag 
    contains 400 Disposable Pipettes with a capacity of 1.0 ml.


    Easy to Use
    Manufactured to exacting specifications for easy use and consistent  
    performance. The Disposable Transfer Pipette's design eliminates  
    mouth pipetting and the need for a separate suction bulb.
    The Disposable Transfer Pipette is nontoxic and recommended 
    specifically for laboratory use.
Heat Tolerant
    The Disposable Transfer Pipette can be heated on the Slide Warmer 
    to a temperature which will prevent cold shock of evaluation samples.
    Eliminates the special handling requirements of glassware.

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