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AV Washing Instructions

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 Recommendations for Cleaning of Collection Equipment
and Preparation of Stallion For Collection

To ensure the best possible semen is collected and processed for cooled and freezing we recommend the following:

Cleaning of Collection Equipment

Clean/disinfect a Missouri model AV in the following manner:
1.) After collection, remove the AV plastic sleeve and the AV cover and set-aside,

2.) Place the AV in a sink with hot water and Alconox. Let them soak until collections are complete.

3.) Once collections are complete, clean the AV with a brush that is soaking in (1 oz/gallon)   Nolvasan solution, thoroughly rinse any smegma and debris from the AV.

4.) Rinse the AV with hot clean tap water.

5.) Place the AV into the sink filled with a dilute (3 oz /gallon) Nolvasan solution and soak AV completely immersed for a minimum of 10 minutes.

6.) After soaking AV, rinse thoroughly with hot tap water.

7.) After rinsing with tap water rinse liberally with sterile water.

8.) The AV should then be submerged in a tub of 70% isopropyl alcohol for at least 5 minutes.

9.) The AV should then again be rinsed with sterile water and hung to dry.

Collection Bottles Recommendations

Each collection bottle should contain:

· Sterile baby bottle liner
· Nylon – mesh gel filter (Preferably the Colorado Style)

AV Lubricant Recommendations

· We recommend using ONLY approximately 1/8 of a tube of lube

       o If more lube is used it could affect the post-thaw quality of the semen.

· Please Lube ONLY the top half of the AV.

       o The stallion’s penis will move the lubricant the remainder of the way down the AV.     
       o Again, excess lube in the ejaculate can affect the post-thaw quality of the semen.

· We recommend using either Surgilube or PreSeed Lubricant.

       o We do not recommend using Priority Care Lube as we have found it has adverse affects on the post-thaw quality of the semen.

Washing the Stallion’s Penis

· Wash the stallion’s penis – from the tip to the top - with warm water prior to collection. NO Soap or Other Cleaning Agents!

· Dry the stallion’s penis –
from the tip to the top - with a paper towel after washing to remove any excess water.

· Water is detrimental to sperm and may get into the AV during collection if not removed.

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