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Missouri and Colorado AVs for Equine Semen Collection

The Missouri Equine AV

A Missouri Equine AV is a one-piece molded latex rubber sleeve with an integral water jacket. The water jacket has a brass fitting built into it to accommodate filling and draining of the AV. The Missouri Equine AV comes with a leather cover which provides some degree of rigidity, and there is an optional Neoprene cover. It is less rigid than the Colorado style equine AV but supporters say it is easier to work, because it is lighter. No assembly is required to prepare the AV for use except to put the leather or optional neoprene cover on. The neoprene covers are easier to keep clean and they insulate better. The Missouri Equine AV is easy to fill by placing a fill funnel with a 1/2" pipe thread adapter onto the brass filler pipe and holding the funnel under a faucet after running water has been mixed to the proper temperature. A Schrade valve adapter, like those used in a service station for air hoses can also be installed onto the sink sprayer hose of a kitchen sink, and clipped onto the 'air-valve' connection on the AV to fill it with water.

A bottle adapter can be attached to the end of the Missouri Equine AV to allow the use of two types of collection bottles. One adapter will adapt the Missouri Equie AV to a regular Missouri collection bottle (baby bottle). To use a Missouri bottle, place a gel filter in the neck of the bottle, fold the edges over the lip of the bottle and screw it onto the bottle adapter. Some practitioners may choose to insert a standard 8oz. baby bottle liner into the baby bottle prior to installation of the gel filter, so that the collection will be caught in the sterile liner.

The other adapter will adapt the Missouri Equine AV to a Colorado style collection bottle, which assembles the same as the Missouri style, except that the Colorado style gel filter has a plastic neck ring built on it and is easier to install and use. The use of the baby bottle adapter still applies in the Colorado installation.

The Colorado Equine AV

Developed by Colorado State University, this AV is a more rigid device than the Missouri. Some proponents claim that the rigidity is an advantage when there is a need to hold the Stallion at the back of a phantom during the collection process. The Colorado Equine AV has a rigid tubular outer body with a threaded connector used as a filler pipe and as a drain. Inside the tubular body, a latex bladder is installed by folding the ends of the bladder over the ends of the tubular body and securing them with large rubber bands. That bladder is what contains the water for the AV. Inside the bladder, (after it is installed) another latex tube called the liner is installed by pulling the conical end of the liner through the tubular assembly, and folding the large end over the tubular body and securing it with a large plastic clip similar to how the bladder was installed with rubber bands. A plastic locking ring is placed over the tip of the conical end of the AV liner and after a filter has been placed in the collection bottle; the latex end is stretched over the lip of the bottle, and secured with the locking ring.

In both cases a warmed bottle cover is now placed over the collection bottle to keep the collected semen from cold shock until it can be processed.

Disposable AV Liners

There are disposable liners available for both Missouri and Colorado AVs. In both cases, if a disposable liner is used, it should be installed prior to the installation of the collection bottles. If the disposable liner has a built in collection filter and reservoir, there is no need for the collection bottle. If not, the disposable liner must be connected to the collection bottle in the same fashion as the latex liner in the above instruction. It is important to note that the disposable liner must be installed straight and without wrinkles or folds, as there have been instances of Stallions penetrating the disposable liner and losing the semen collection. Also some Stallions do not respond as well to disposable liners as to the latex liners. Proponents prefer the convenience of not having to clean up the latex AV after use, since the disposable liner can be removed and thrown away.

Selecting the Proper Size AV

It is important to select the proper size AV for the Stallion being collected. The penis should come to the end of the AV. The end of the AV is interpreted as the end of the cylindrical part of the AV where the conical portion of the latex liner begins.

Filling the Equine AV

Water temperature in the AV should be about 45o - 50oC (115o - 120oF) at use. Fill the AV at about 55oC (120o-125oF) and let it cool to the right temperature. It is important to use a thermometer in the AV, and do not trust 'feel'.

Lubricating the AV

A common practice is to over-lubricate the AV. Studies show that any lube is detrimental to sperm cells, so it is important to use only as much lube as necessary. A good rule of thumb when lubing the AV is use about 1/3 of a tube (3 or 4 oz. tube) of lube and lube about the top 1/3 of the AV. Do not over-lube.

Cleaning an AV

For a Colorado AV, remove the liner and turn it inside out. Missouri AVs cannot be turned inside out. Wash the liner in hot Alconox TM water. - Alconox TM is designed to remove lube, rinse off completely and leave no residue. Rinse well with tap water and/or distilled water. Rinse well with 99% Alcohol. Hang AV in a protected, ventilated closet to dry thoroughly.

The cost of a Missouri AV is less than a Colorado AV, probably due to the fact that there are less parts of a Missouri AV. Full of water and ready to use the Missouri AV weighs about 10 pounds, depending on how full it is filled with water, and the Colorado AV weighs about 20 pounds.

All AVs should be stored out of florescent light. It is detrimental to the latex rubber.

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