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New Products

500ml Wash Bottle


Price: $5.00

500ml Polypropylene/plastic Wash Bottle
Bubbler Comb and Basket, disposable Please choose pack of 5 or 25 Works with the reusable Metal Holder
  All items are individually wrapped and sterile. Now with perferated bag for easy opening.      Includes: 1 Insemination pipette ... more info
NEW AV Bottle Cover-Large

NEW! Larger bottle cover with Velcro attachment to our strong and insulated Neoprene AV Cover.      2 layers of insulation Velcro ... more info
Straw Tweezer, Metal 12"

These heavy duty metal straw tweezers are perfect for handling frozen straws. 12"
HR Lube One Shot-sterile 5g

  HR Lube, Sterile, Water Soluble.  6 x 5g packets
Hemacytometer Re-Supply Kit

Re-Supply Kit includes enough supplies for 10 measurements   Includes 10 of each: Reagent Vials 10ul Calillary Tube Filling Capillary Tube
Hemacytometer Kit-Thrombo-Tic

This handy Hemacytometer Kit is used in place of the discountinued BD Unpopette Sytem for counting sperm concentration using a microscope.  ... more info
Immuno-Check G


Price: $75.00

Kit of 5 Immunoglobulin G is an essential antibody that ensures protection against infectious disease. Foals are born with no immunoglobulins (IgG) ... more info
2L Cylinder, Plastic


Price: $35.00

Plastic graduated cylinder Wide rim and a tapered pour spout for easy filling and pouring
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