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New Products

BotuCrio Frozen Semen Extender

The formulation of BotuCrio contains a lower concentration of Glycerol and, in combination with one of several amides, results in better sperm ... more info
Botu Test Kit


Price: $46.00

Kit includes  100ml of each of Botu Extenders for fresh or cooled semen.  Botu Standard, Botu Special, Botu Gold, Botu Turbo

Price: $12.00

100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Pentoxifylline which inhibits phosphodiesterase by increasing APMc responsible for the control ... more info

Price: $14.00

100ml Extender based on caseins with addition of cholesterol. Milk casein phosphoproteins protects sperm cells from the action of seminal plasma ... more info

Price: $13.00

100ml Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a componet of the spermatic membrane that contributes for and ... more info

Price: $11.00

100ml packet with 100ml Sterile Water Extender based on skimmed milk to transport cooled semen or preservation at 5 degrees C or 15 degrees C, as ... more info
Combo XL Centrifuge


Price: $2,149.00

Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce ... more info
Cryo-Vial 2ml


Price: $25.00

2ml, external thread, bag of 100 Avitrolab Cryovials  are designed for bio-storage at temperatures as low as -196°C (but should only be used ... more info
UltraSeal 21 - Straw Sealer


Price: $1,895.00

Ultrasonic Sealing Technology Seals .25ml or .5ml straws Safe! Less heat transfer to liquid than with ordinary heat sealing machine Audio and visual ... more info
Manual Ball Sealer by MOFA

Manual Ball Sealer for .5ml straws Seal your straws with glass or metal beads with this easy to use tool. Just simply push a straw into the sealer ... more info
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