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**NEW SAA EquiCheck, Inflammation Test


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EquiChek™-SAA is a simple on-site test that provides veterinarians, trainers or breeders with the ability to test for any inflammatory condition, including infections, where it matters, beside the horse. Blood can be analyzed without sending samples to a lab. In two simple steps, you can tell if the horse has an active inflammatory condition.  

EquiChek™-SAA test detects a protein Serum Amyloid A (SAA) in the blood. In a healthy horse SAA is generally very low, but the level of SAA rise significantly when the horse has inflammation such as infection or damage to muscle. Often there are no obvious signs, but a problem may be brewing. SAA shows a much greater response than a white blood cell count.

SAA increases when there is a problem and it also falls very quickly if the problem is resolved. So if treated with antibiotics, and they work, EquiChek™-SAA can help monitor recovery.

When to use EquiCheck-SAA

•Confirming the presence of an active inflammatory condition in the field or at the stable

•Real time monitoring of recovery of disease activity and following therapeutic intervention

•Pre-breeding check for inflammation status

•Routine wellness check

•Use for cases of Neonatal Septiscemia


How to Use

EquiChek™-SAA is easy to use; requiring three simple steps once the test is opened. Results can be read in 10 minutes.

EquiChek™-SAA can be used anywhere.

No reader or lab required.

No sample dilution or processing is necessary just add blood directly to the test.

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