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GeneMate 50 ml Centrifuge tubes (50/Bag)


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GeneMate sterile centrifuge tubes with blue screw-on lid, and ml increments printed on the side. Also has white write-on space. 

  • 15,000 x g maximum RCF (15ml)
  • 9,500 x g maximum RCF (50ml)
  • Polypropylene
  • Non-pyrogenic/Non-cytotoxic
(P.S. For those who are wondering the difference in these and our VWR tubes here is our observation. The GeneMate tubes are a cheaper variety of tubes. The VWR tubes preform better when freezing and at higher centrifugation speeds above 15,000G. These tubes are a great disposable tube for regular lab use and semen processing at normal centrifugation speeds)


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